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Simple Garden Pests Control Strategies 
Attention Home Gardeners, Commercial Gardeners and Landscaping  Professionals.....
Would You Like To Know The Best Strategies For Controlling Your Garden Pests?
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1. The Identity of some of the major garden pests you will certainly encounter in your garden.

2. The Simple but intuitive strategies you can use to control your garden pests

3.  Steps by step actions you can take in order to lower your Garden Pest Infestations
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The Ultimate Garden Pests Control Blueprint Course

The Ultimate Garden Pests Control Blueprint is a Comprehensive Course Which Provides You With A Practical and Easy to Use Framework or Blueprint for Identifying and Controlling Your Garden and Landscape Pests

The Course comprises of:
Step by step Video tutorials that shows you how to identify and control more than 20 of the most common Garden Pests found in your garden and which keeps you from getting the fresh garden produce you deserve and at the same time making you feel frustrated and  overwhelmed with gardening.  
Overcoming Gardening Challenges
In this Video, You Will learn About:

 The 7  Major Gardening Challenges Affecting Home Gardeners and Landscaping Professionals and how to Overcome them. 
  • How to Control Garden Pests
  • How to Grow Vegetables Successfully
  • Soil Fertility challenges and how to keep plants Thriving
  • What Natural Pesticides To Use
  • How To Manage Their Fruit Orchards, Lawns or Landscapes
  • Proper Pruning of Landscape Plants 
  • How To Take Care of Their Landscapes
Gardening is one of the fastest growing hobbies worldwide and yet it comes with some challenges….

The Biggest Challenges and Frustrations almost all Gardeners face in trying to grow their own food and take care of the environment are: 
  •  How to deal with Garden Pests in a manner that is Natural, Organic or Environmentally Sustainable  
  •  How to Identify Most of the Garden Pests without killing the Beneficial Insects that are good for the environment and are working for you. 
  •  Deciding on the Organic or Sustainable Garden Pests Control Measures to take and not use pesticides that are harmful to their families, pests or the environment. 
  • Knowing whether what they Have Is a Garden Pests Problem and not a Plant Disease Problem….
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Would you like to have a beautiful looking landscape that doesn’t take all you time or money to maintain it?

Consider A Succulent Garden. A well designed succulent garden utilizes the principles and elements of design in creating a landscape that is not only low maintenance, sustainable, but also beautiful. A succulent garden 
  • Is Low Maintenance 
  • Is just as  functional and beautiful in areas that are difficult to plant other types of plants. Difficult terrain. 
  • Often uses less materials -Simple is better
  •  Has less problems with pests and diseases compared to other landscape plants
Creating Edible Landscapes Blueprint
Hydroponic Gardening Program : How To Grow High Quality Vegetables Easily For Home Or Business
The Successful Pruning Strategies Every Gardener Should Know- Course
The Successful Pruning Strategies Every Gardener Should know Course  is a Comprehensive Online Course which provides you with a Step by Step formula for  pruning, landscape plants, Shrubs, ornamentals and fruit trees. It provides an opportunity to understand the principles of pruning including: the right time to prune, what to prune and why.  Through proper pruning, you can finally be able to get a healthier, more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing landscape.
The Course comprises of:
8 Modules with 8 Online Video Tutorials, Audio tapes and printed course materials covering all the major steps in pruning. A Hands-On pruning session further enhances the effectiveness of this program.  
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Landscape Design and Management
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Landscape Maintenance Course

This is a 12 weeks on-line course targeting home
gardeners, landscapers, institutions garden maintenance crews, greens industry personnel, hotels, condos, parks and recreation stuff, and private estates landscaping crew members. This course provides participants with  the skills needed to enable them to conduct their jobs more efficiently and with more confidence. Participants will be armed with more gardening and horticultural skills and knowledge that are necessary and valuable in their jobs or home landscapes.

Home Gardening Sustainability

This 12 weeks gardening program 
provides participants with an opportunity to learn about home gardening sustainability as well as how to  grow food in harmony with nature

Success In Growing Tropical Fruits

 This is a 8 weeks gardening course which  provides participants with comprehensive information on how to grow tropical fruits effortlessly and with more satisfaction.

Pruning The Easy Way

An 8 weeks course learning the best strategies for pruning shrubs and trees and  how to avoid common mistakes in pruning that can be quite costly in the long run. The session will cover the right way to  prune trees and shrubs, and how to keep landscape plants looking healthy and beautiful throughout their lifetime.

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Curb Appeal-Landscaping the Front Yard
Home Landscape Design 101
Landscaping Small Spaces
Home Landscape Makeover
Landscaping Design Courses Begin February  15, 2018. 
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Are You Worried About The Rat Lungworm Disease?
Rat Lungworm Disease
This Video gives you the most comprehensive information about The Rat Lungworm Disease and the Simple Tips and Strategies You Can Take As A Gardener To Protect Yourself, Your Food and your garden.
  • This is what is covered in this video:
  • What Is The Rat Lungworm Disease?
  • How Is the Rat Lungworm Disease Transmitted?
  • How Does Humans Get Contaminated With the Rat Lungworm Disease?
  • How Can You Avoid The Rat Lungworm Disease
  • How Do You Control Rats, Snails and Slugs In The Garden?
Controlling Mealybugs In the Landscape
5 Simple Steps To A Successful Lawn
Testimonials- What Others Are Saying
Tom Feltz, Leadership Coach, Author and Senior Trainer for Franklin Covey Institute
Anne Gachuhi’s vast knowledge and experience of horticulture is exceptional. After attending a 5 weeks’ landscape maintenance course that Anne was teaching at University of Hawaii Community College, I was inspired to learn more,  realizing that my instructor Anne,  had so much more to offer. The interconnected relationships of the plants together with the good, bad and ugly bugs came to life through this program. I highly recommend Anne.

Michelle Griffoul.
President, Michelle Griffoul Studios, Inc.
I found Anne Gachuhi to be a wealth of excellent knowledge, very helpful and enthusiastic about gardening when I enrolled in a 5 weeks Tropical Fruit Production class that Anne conducted at the UHMC (University of Hawaii, Maui College). The success of her students was of utmost importance to her and she was extremely helpful in problem solving. Ms. Gachuhi was inspirational in making me feel that my orchard can be a success, with a lot of work and knowledge that I learned in her class. I will definitely sign up for another of her classes 
“Garden Pests Are Equal Opportunity Offenders”!!......
They don’t discriminate between Tropical or Temperate Climate, Backyard Gardener Or Even Commercial Gardener”!!!!!
Who Is Anne Gachuhi and Why Is She Positioned to Help You with Your Gardening Challenges?
Hello, am Anne Gachuhi, CEO and Founder of the Home Gardening Support Network, a Gardening Expert, Professional Horticulturalist and Gardening Educator with more than 26 years of Unique experience in horticulture, gardening expertise, teaching and sustainable landscaping in both Temperate and Tropical Climates. Has experience in digital marketing and online program creation.  
  • Answered thousands (1000s) of gardening questions from home gardeners, landscaping professionals ...
  • Training  of the Famous Master Gardener Program in 4 Major Universities in the USA
  • Training home gardeners, landscaping professionals and  youth gardening teachers
  • Been directly involved in hands-on training of farmers, small and large scale commercial horticultural professionals and companies.
  • Have experience with the types of garden and landscape pests you are most likely to encounter best Pest Control Strategies to Take!!”
  • Experience helping  entrepreneurs create and market their online businesses successfully
Anne Is The Presenter of  "Gardening Made Easy Series" TV Show On AkaKu TV (Maui, Hawaii) and also On 88.5 FM Radio Station, Giving Gardening Advice, Tips and Strategies. 
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