Meet Anne Gachuhi
Anne is a passionate gardening expert, internationally trained professional  horticulturalist, an inspiring educator and a highly sought after speaker.

Founder-Home Gardening Support Network

Founder-Home Gardening Support Network

Anne Gachuhi is  the Founder and CEO of The Home Gardening Support Network, and the host of the“Gardening Made Easy” TV series on  Akaku Television and radio gardening contributor on Kaku (FM 88.5) Radio station,  in  Maui, Hawaii (USA)

Anne has more than 26 years’ experience in horticulture, gardening, landscaping and greens industry which spans 3 continents: Africa, Europe (Holland, UK) and United States of America. She has worked with large scale commercial horticultural enterprises, the government (Agriculture Ministry), and a total of 5 University institutions in the United States of America and Africa, namely: University of Missouri, University of Minnesota, University of Illinois, University of Hawaii as well as Egerton University in Kenya.

As a result of having worked and trained in tropical and temperate lands,  Anne has the unique advantage of being  able to respond both to gardeners in tropical lands (Hawaii, Africa, Asia etc.) as well as temperate lands (mainland USA,  Europe etc).  

Who does Anne work with?

Anne Teaching A Field Class on Creating Edible Landscapes

Anne teaching home gardeners about creating edible landscapes

Home gardeners, commercial greens industry professionals, landscaping companies and youth gardening teachers who want to overcome their gardening challenges, frustrations and overwhelm, count on the practical, simplified but research based gardening advice provided by Anne Gachuhi.


They are open to learning practical gardening techniques so that they are more knowledgeable and confident in their gardening practices and are able to grow their own healthy food easily and safely while taking care of their landscapes in an environmentally sustainable manner.  

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Dr. Scott Fisher- Director of Conservation, Hawaiian Islands Land Trust
“The 5 weeks course I took by Anne Gachuhi on landscape maintenance  was absolutely amazing and more than fulfilled my expectation. Anne’s course provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and information and to better understand the relationship between various topics of landscape care, soil science, plant health, pests and disease control. Anne is extremely qualified in the field that she teaches and  I really appreciated the clear and concise way she communicated the course information. I have already begun to apply many of the lessons I learnt in her class in my work”.

Understanding Gardening Challenges

Gardening Challenges

Gardening Challenges

Anne fully understand the gardening challenges and bottlenecks that home gardeners, commercial growers and landscaping professionals experience since she has faced similar challenges during the course of her 26 year’s gardening career.

The  Key to overcoming  gardening challenges became clear to Anne after 26 years of:

  • Answering thousands of gardening questions as a horticulturalist,  urban gardening specialist and  educator with 5 major University systems in the USA and Africa
  • Training home gardeners, working in one of the top 3 best botanical gardens in the USA (M.B.G-Missouri Botanical Garden) 
  • Training the famous University Master Gardeners,  landscaping professionals,  youth gardening facilitators and teachers.
  • Working with small scale and large scale commercial horticultural enterprises in the USA, Europe and Africa.
  • While working as a farm manager in a large scale Swiss-owned commercial farm in Africa, Anne had to deal with the daily challenges of insect pests and diseases and other farming related problems.

Gardening Success Outcomes

Tomato growing

Home grown tomatoes

Anne has helped thousands of home gardeners, commercial gardeners, landscaping professionals and youth gardening teachers succeed and transform their home gardens, business landscapes and school gardens through:


Gardening classes, private consultations, site visits, gardening seminars, TV and radio gardening programs, newspaper articles and live workshops.


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Melani Palmer- Maui Malama Family Farm in Ulupalakua, Hawaii
I  am a farmer, gardener, and first grade elementary teacher.  I feel blessed to have discovered Anne Gachuhi in 2009 when I took a dynamic and inspiring session on vermicomposting class she conducted at the University. I look forward to Anne’s hands-on consultation on our family farm each year because she has a knowledge base like an encyclopedia and an extensive background in agricultural practices.  She advices us on soils, plant health, nutrient needs, pests and diseases control and other pertinent plant details. Anne’s classes and garden visits are fun, funny, and engaging !! 

The Home Gardening Support Network 

The  “Home Gardening Support Network” , provides expert gardening advice, timely and convenient home gardening and landscaping services, consultations, site visits and learning opportunities through classes, seminars and workshops for home gardeners, landscaping professionals and youth gardening teachers.

Anne started the Home Gardening Support Network,  in 2011 after an unexpected transition in her career.  After previously working and living in several states in mainland USA (Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Florida), she finally settled on Hawaii and has never regretted that decision!. 

Vegetable diseases

Tomato Diseases

“My passion is teaching others about gardening and helping them find sustainable solutions to overcome their gardening challenges. I knew that the experiences, training and skills that I had gotten over the last 26 years in this field would enable me to help others”.



Grow Tomatoes Easily

The Source of Anne’s Inspiration.

Professor Wangari Maathai

Anne with Professor Wangari Maathai of Green Belt Movement 

Anne lives in the USA but grew up in Kenya. She was greatly inspired to study about plants and eventually become a horticulturalist by  the work of her personal hero, Professor Wangari Maathai, an environmentalist, 2004 Nobel Prize recipient and Founder of the Greenbelt Movement. Professor Maathai showed me that one person can make a tremendous  impact and difference in the world. By the time of her passing, Professor Wangari Maathai  was responsible for the planting of over 20 million trees in Kenya!!


Anne's Academic Qualifications

Anne’s Academic Qualifications

Reasons To Work With Anne 


Has the professional qualifications, academic training, skills, and over 26 years experience in horticulture and gardening


Anne’s ability to easily understand gardening challenges and to comfortably offer expert gardening advice  to home gardeners, landscaping professionals,  small and large scale growers 


Practical hands-on experience training and working with  home gardeners, commercial growers and landscape professionals


Professional expertise on environmentally sustainable landscapes


 Experience, understanding and knowledge of  Tropical and Temperate Gardening Conditions


Anne is an internationally trained horticultural professional who  has diverse and valuable experience to share, gained from working, studying and training in 3 continents: Africa, Europe (UK, Holland)  and USA.  

The Next Steps to Take To Work With Anne 

If you are looking to succeed in your gardening endeavors, overcome your gardening challenges and get answers to your most pressing gardening questions,  Anne would like to help.

Anne has put together for you 3 free videos which will show you:

  • The simple steps to control your garden pests

  • How to improve your soil fertility for a thriving garden

  • How to grow your own healthy organic food easily and comfortably.

 All you have to do is click the link below, fill out your details and I will send you these videos right away