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Let us help you create the garden of your  dreams  with your very own garden coach!


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 Garden Consultation and Site Visit

Mealybugs on hibiscus

Mealybugs on hibiscus

Are you a  home gardener, commercial landscaping company or landscape professional who is tired of struggling with garden and landscape challenges?

 For most people, gardening can  often be full of guesswork, with many hours of frustrating battles with garden pests, plant diseases, poor soils or lack of understanding of which plants would grow successfully in your backyard or location.

The Garden consultation and site visits is a service designed  to help you overcome your gardening challenges, and make the process of  growing your own food and taking care of the landscape less  challenging,  easier, satisfying and rewarding.

The gardening consultation/site visit service helps you cut out the guesswork, work smarter not harder with much better results in your garden and landscape.

The garden consultation and site visit is like a private gardening lesson all designed for you

The Garden consultation and site visit is conducted by Anne Gachuhi, internationally trained professional horticulturalist and  gardening expert.  The consultation and site visit usually takes place at a time convenient to the client

The Garden consultation and Home visit service includes the following:

A walk through the garden or site with the client, evaluating and addressing specific gardening challenges and providing solutions.

Advice on gardening techniques, garden planning and layout, pest and disease control strategies

Recommendations on the right plants to grow, care and maintenance.

A written report or customized “To-do” list provided on-site to help the client become even more knowledgeable and self- sufficient

Recommended 1 month follow-up service to provide additional support (contact us for details).

  • On-site visits are currently only possible for residents of the Island of Maui, Hawaii.

  • Skype and online services are available for clients in other locations.

How To Overcome Your Gardening Challenges

If you are wondering how you can overcome your gardening challenges, begin by scheduling a gardening consultation  session with Anne. The awareness you will gain from this session will shine a brighter light on your current gardening frustrations or overwhelm and help you see that much more is possible in your gardening life than you have known.

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Garden Consultation Service

Garden Consultation Service For Commercial Companies and Landscape Professionals

Garden Consultation Service For Commercial Companies

Garden Consultation and Site Visit Service

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Create The Garden Of Your Dreams

The garden consultation and  site visits  are like a private gardening lesson all designed for you.
Let us help you create the garden of your  dreams  with your very own garden coach!


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Tom Feltz, Leadership Coach, Author and Trainer 

Anne Gachuhi’s vast knowledge and experience of horticulture and landscape maintenance  is exceptional. After attending a 5 weeks series that Anne was teaching, I was inspired to learn more realizing that my instructor had so much more to offer.The interconnected relationships of the plants together with the good, bad and ugly bugs came to life through this program.   I highly recommend Anne.