Home Gardening Support Network Gardening Courses.
The Gardening courses, workshops, and videos tutorials are for gardeners who wish to become more confident in their gardening practices, enjoying the fruits of their labor in an environmentally sustainable manner. 
These classes  will inspire you to:
 -Start A Vegetable Garden Or Fruit Orchard
-Learn How To Maintain Your Landscape Properly
-Gain The Skills To Identify and Control Your Garden Pests, Diseases or Weeds. 
Learn how to Grow Healthy Food Safely and Easily 
What You Will Learn In The Free Webinar 
  • The Identity of Some Of The Most Common Garden Pests You Will Find
  • How To Identify The Specific Damage Caused By The Different Garden Pests
  • The Proven Strategies To Use To Control These Garden Pests
  • How To Create A Garden With Minimum Pest Infestations
Ultimate Garden Pests Control Blueprint
Landscaping With Succulents
Creating Edible Landscapes Blueprint
Hydroponic Gardening Program
Successful Pruning Strategies Every Gardener Should Know

The Successful Pruning Strategies Every Gardener Should know Course  is a Comprehensive Online Course which provides you with a Step by Step formula for  pruning, landscape plants, Shrubs, ornamentals and fruit trees. It provides an opportunity to understand the principles of pruning including: the right time to prune, what to prune and why.  Through proper pruning, you can finally be able to get a healthier, more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing landscape.

The Course Comprises of:
Easy to follow  Video Tutorials, Audio tapes and printed course materials covering all the major steps in pruning. A Hands-On pruning session further enhances the effectiveness of this program.  
The Ultimate Garden Pests Control Blueprint is a Comprehensive Course which provides you with a Practical and Easy to Use Framework or Blueprint for Controlling Your Garden and Landscape pests
Landscape Design Courses 
  • Home Landscape Design 101
  • Curb Appeal-Landscaping the Front Yard
  • Landscaping Small Spaces
  • Home Landscape Design Makeover
  • Landscape Maintenance Course
  • Home Gardening Sustainability
  • Successful Fruit Orchard Management
  • Pruning Like A Pro!

  • Learning To Establish and maintain a Fruit orchard  is finally possible
  • Learn the proper steps necessary for a successful fruit orchard. 
  • Identify and overcome the challenges in specific tropical fruit trees
A 5 Weeks Series - On-site  and online participants meet once a week 
Check Out On-Going Gardening Courses- On-line and On-Site
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The online gardening classes are convenient, affordable and well structured 
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To Learn Even More About Controlling Garden Pests, Get the "Ultimate Garden Pests Control Blueprint" Course
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