Successful Pruning Strategies
Every Gardener Should Know Course
For: Home Gardeners and Landscaping Professionals Who Want to know The Secret to Successful Pruning Strategies for Healthier Landscapes
In this Video, You Will Get An Overview of Landscape Pruning Strategies . 
In This Program, You Will Learn:.....
Now You Can Finally Be Able to Understand How to Prune Your Own Landscape Plants and Fruit Trees Without Having to Spend a Fortune! ….

Become Empowered! Know What Really Needs to Be Pruned!: 
I have A Question For You???
  •  How Would Your Gardening and Landscape Change if You Knew How to Prune Your Landscape Plants Properly?         
  •  When was the last time you pruned your landscape plants or fruit trees?
  •  Do you ever struggle with pruning your fruit trees?                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Would You like to Know the Right Time to Prune Your Landscape Plants or Fruit Trees?
Are you a Landscaping Professional or Company and wishes to Create Great landscapes for your clients but have crew members who don’t know how to Prune properly?

Is it difficult to determine when to prune, what to prune or why you need to prune?

You Are Not Alone!

For Most Gardeners, What or When to Pruning often presents a huge challenge. Sometimes, not knowing what to cut or prune stops them from even starting! 

Unfortunately, gardeners end up hiring some “Unqualified Landscapers” who end up messing their landscape plants and trees through Improper pruning! 
Successful Pruning Strategies Every Gardener Should Know
What Does This Course Cover??
The Successful Pruning Strategies That Every Home Gardener Should Know is a Comprehensive Course which provides you with a Practical and Easy to Use Framework or Blueprint for Pruning Landscape Plants, Ornamentals, Fruits trees, Trees and Shrubs
The Pruning Course Modules:
Module 1- Pruning Overview and Landscape Examples
In this module, you will learn about the role of pruning in the landscape. You will also get an understanding of the principles and reasons behind pruning. You will learn why it’s really important to “start with the end in mind” i.e. pruning with intention. Knowing that every cut you make has a consequence in the overall look and development of the plant.  
Module 2- Common Pruning Mistakes To Avoid
This module is all about some of the most common pruning mistakes that you see or have been involved in committing in the landscape. Learn the right way to prune so that you can avoid these mistakes.  
Module 3--Pruning Principles And Strategies
In this module we get more specific on pruning strategies to engage in. We learn why we need to prune, what we can prune, how and when to prune. This is a really important module to know since majority of pruning mistakes lies here. 

Module 4- Strategies For Pruning  Selected Tropical Fruits 
Here’s where you discover the right way to prune some of the more common tropical fruit trees you may have in your landscape. Tropical fruit trees take a long time to grow and it’s really very important to get the pruning right.
Module 5- Tips On Pruning Palm Trees
Palm trees are so unique to a tropical landscape. Yet proper pruning of palm trees seems to be a real challenge for most gardeners. In this module, you will learn what really need to be pruned in palm trees and why you should never over-trim them.    
Module 6- Pruning Flowering Plants and Trees
In this module you will understand fully the steps to take in pruning landscape flowering plants, shrubs and trees. You will also learn the proper way to prune large branches, the right tools to use, the different types of pruning and the effect they create in the landscape  
Module 7- Pruning Landscape Plants The Easy Way
In this module we get more specific on the pruning strategies to engage in. This is a really important module to know since most of the pruning practices are found here.
Module 8- Tips For Pruning Bougainvillea
In this module we get more specific on pruning strategies for Bougainvillea- Bougainvillea is a common landscape vine which is often neglected. Proper pruning of Bougainvillea makes a world of difference to this great tropical vine. . 
Module 9- Bonus- Hands-On Pruning Smarter Seminar Demo (limited time bonus)
This is a bonus module filled with hands-on pruning demonstrations and video tutorials that you will certainly enjoy. It’s a great compliment to the 6 modules above. The Practical  session will include hands-on pruning practice at an outdoor location. Date: Wednesday October 12, 2016
Location- Makawao, Hawaii, USA
Time: 9 a.m to 11 a.m 
What if You Cant Make It?- The session will be video taped and you can watch the tutorials online in the member's area. 

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What Others Are Saying About Anne's Training
Anne Gachuhi’s vast knowledge and experience of horticulture is exceptional. After attending a 5 weeks’ landscape maintenance course that Anne was teaching at University of Hawaii Community College, I was inspired to learn more,  realizing that my instructor Anne,  had so much more to offer. The interconnected relationships of the plants together with the good, bad and ugly bugs came to life through this program. I highly recommend Anne.

Tom Feltz, Leadership Coach, Author and Senior Trainer for Franklin Covey Institute
I found Anne Gachuhi to be a wealth of excellent knowledge, very helpful and enthusiastic about gardening when I enrolled in a 5 weeks Tropical Fruit Production class that Anne conducted at the UHMC (University of Hawaii, Maui College). The success of her students was of utmost importance to her and she was extremely helpful in problem solving. Ms. Gachuhi was inspirational in making me feel that my orchard can be a success, with a lot of work and knowledge that I learned in her class. I will definitely sign up for another of her classes

Michelle Griffoul.
President, Michelle Griffoul Studios, Inc.
You Don’t Have to Be a Professional Gardener or Waste Money Hiring Expensive Landscapers who may not know how to prune properly!!.
By taking control of your pruning, this course will make you feel like a Gardening Pro- Even if you’re not One! …
  •   I would Like to Share a Unique Perspective About PRUNING LANDSCAPE PLANTS that I’ve learnt over the years and which I know will help You Overcome Your PRUNING Challenges. 
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How Much Do You Pay For this Course?
You Will Pay a One Time Hugely Discounted Secure Payment of…..

$ 39!
 You Will Also Get as a Special Thank You,

“Hands-On" Pruning Seminar Bonus (Worth $47!) 

This course provides you with a practical and easy to use Step by Step Framework for Pruning Landscape Trees, shrubs, Ornamentals and Fruit Trees without having to spend a fortune! 
Why is the Price So Low for Such a Comprehensive Course You Ask…?
  •  I did not want any Gardener to be left behind and I wanted to give everyone this opportunity to start afresh with their garden- without Pruning Challenges
  • I have known a lot of gardeners in my community and wanted to give this course as a Thank You gift to them ..but ONLY for a limited time… 
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You Will Also Get the Hands-On Pruning Session and Videos of the same as a Bonus  (worth $47)

P.S. To Recap, This is What You Are Going to Get.
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The Course Consists of: 
• 9  Video Tutorials
•  Audio Sessions
• 1 Bonus  Hands-On Session (120 minutes long)
• Handouts/pdfs
The entire course is online – NO Waiting…You can view it anytime, anywhere and as many times as you want!. 

Get the Successful Pruning Strategies For Only $39!
Still Have Some Questions You Want Answered??
  • Question: I live in a Temperate Climate. Can your program still help me ?
  • Answer: Absolutely! I have found that pruning principles are the same no matter where you live: under tropical climate (like in Hawaii, Africa, South America) or under Temperate climate (Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, UK or even Holland).  
  • Question: Do I need to have any technical skills or be an advanced gardener to use the course?
  • Answer: No. The course is great for both beginners and advanced gardeners. For beginners, they have a chance to start their garden the right way. For advanced gardeners who have been struggling with pruning for a long time, the knowledge they gain here will enhance what you already know for better results. 
  • Question: When does the course begin?
  • Answer:The course is completely online. All you need is an internet connection and you can view it anytime and from anywhere. Once your payment goes through and you have clicked on the link provided in the welcome email, you can start using the course immediately. 
  • Question:What if I have questions regarding the course?
  • Answer: You can ask any questions you may have in the member’s area of the website or on the contact below.
  • Tel. 1-800-431-4982
    Email: [email protected]
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Who Is Anne Gachuhi and Why Is She Positioned to Help You with Your Gardening Challenges?
“ Over the course of my career (over 26 years), I have had the honor and opportunity to answer thousands (1000s) of gardening questions, helped  and trained the Famous Master Gardener Program in 4 Major Universities in the USA, trained home gardeners, landscaping professionals and even youth gardening teachers. This has given me a unique perspective of understanding the major gardening challenges faced by home gardeners. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you this perspective and help you in solving your landscape pruning challenges.  
Hello, am Anne Gachuhi, CEO and Founder of the Home Gardening Support Network, a Gardening Expert, Professional Horticulturalist and Gardening Educator with more than 26 years of Unique experience in horticulture, gardening expertise, teaching and sustainable landscaping in both Temperate and Tropical Climates. I have a Master’s degree in Horticulture (Holland), A BSc in Horticulture and Certificate in Landscape design and Management. 
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