The Ultimate Garden Pests Control
Blueprint Course
For: Home Gardeners and Landscaping Professionals Who Want Easy Strategies for Sustainable Garden Pests Control and Healthy Landscapes.
In this Video, You Will learn How Garden Bugs Affects Your Gardening and What to Do About it. 
I have a Question For You ???.....
How Would Your Gardening and Landscape Change if You Were Able to Control Your Garden Pests Right Now?
  • Are you a Gardener who wishes to Grow Your Own Organic Food but is Frustrated by the Ever Present Garden Pests? 
  • Are you a Landscaping Professional or Company and wishes to Create Great landscapes for your clients but don’t know what to do about the Garden Pests in the landscape?
  • Do You Ever Wonder What Garden Pest is Eating Your Fresh Leafy Greens, Garden Vegetables or Beautiful Landscape Plants?
Gardening is one of the fastest growing hobbies worldwide and yet it comes with some challenges….

The Biggest Challenges and Frustrations almost all Gardeners face in trying to grow their own food and take care of the environment are: 
  •  How to deal with Garden Pests in a manner that is Natural, Organic or Environmentally Sustainable  
  •  How to Identify Most of the Garden Pests without killing the Beneficial Insects that are good for the environment and are working for you. 
  •  Deciding on the Organic or Sustainable Garden Pests Control Measures to take and not use pesticides that are harmful to their families, pests or the environment. 
  • Knowing whether what they Have Is a Garden Pests Problem and not a Plant Disease Problem….
Questions like: Is that Black Sooty Stuff on my Plants a Disease or A Pest?


I’d Like to Share a Unique Perspective About CONTROLLING GARDEN PESTS that I’ve learnt Over the Years and which I know will help You Overcome Your GARDEN PEST Challenges Successfully
The Ultimate Garden Pests Control
What is 
“The Ultimate Garden Pests Control Blueprint”- Course??
The Ultimate Garden Pests Control Blueprint is a Comprehensive Course which provides you with a Practical and Easy to Use Framework or Blueprint for Controlling Your Garden and Landscape pests
The Course Consists of:
5 Modules with 26 Online Video Tutorials, Audio tapes and printed course materials covering all the Major Garden Bugs you will most certainly encounter. 
  •     26 Videos
  •    4 Audio Sessions
  •    2 Introductory Videos
  •    1 Bonus Video (50 minutes long)
  •    Handouts and pdfs
  • The Course Consists of:
    26 Videos  
    Each of these videos covers a specific pest you’re most likely to encounter in your garden. The tutorials also provide you with sustainable pest control measures. The Videos are easy to absorb, long enough to cover the subject/pest but short enough to keep the session interesting. Best of all, you can view these videos over and over again whenever you have a pest you want to identify or know how to control.  
  •  4 Audio/Mp3 Sessions
    Each of these Audio sessions are additional or supplemental sessions providing further information on the pests covered in the video tutorials 
  • 2 Introductory Videos
    Found at the beginning of the course, these two introductory videos give you a brief outline of the course to help you navigate your way through the course.  
  •  1 Bonus Video (50 minutes long) 
    This module explains fully the differences between conventional gardening and organic gardening. This module is a recorded full hour seminar on organic production, the successful techniques to use and the various components of organic gardening including pests control. It’s a limited time bonus….. Worth the cost of the course on its own!!! 
  •  Course Handouts and pdfs-  
    Additional information on the specific pests.   
Get Easy Strategies for Controlling Garden Pests and Creating Healthy Landscapes
  •  It is a complete coverage of all things Garden Pests Including: Beneficial insects, Organic Garden Pests Control Strategies and additional course bonuses”
  •   With this course, you will finally be able to identify the garden pests making you and your gardening miserable.  
  •   Discover simple but practical Step by step strategies for controlling your garden pests.  
  •    Don’t let the simplicity fool you, this course is full of powerful content, grounded in science that works but clearly explained without the unnecessary “Academic Mambo-Jumbo”!!  
  •    Best of all, since this course is Online. This means that you can learn this important information conveniently at your own pace, in the comfort of your home or take it on the road with you since it’s also mobile friendly.  
Who Is Anne Gachuhi and Why Is She Positioned to Help You with Your Gardening Challenges?
Hello, am Anne Gachuhi, CEO and Founder of the Home Gardening Support Network, a Gardening Expert, Professional Horticulturalist and Gardening Educator with more than 26 years of Unique experience in horticulture, gardening expertise, teaching and sustainable landscaping in both Temperate and Tropical Climates. I have a Master’s degree in Horticulture (Holland), A BSc in Horticulture and Certificate in Landscape design and Management. 
“After answering thousands (1000s) of gardening questions, helping and training the Famous Master Gardener Program in 4 Major Universities in the USA, home gardeners, landscaping professionals and even youth gardening teachers over the years, across 3 continents, under Temperate and Tropical conditions, in the trenches with the farmers, the home gardeners, small and large scale commercial horticultural companies, and in the course of my career with some of the best academic institutions in the US, Europe and Africa, I now know the pests you are most likely to encounter in your garden or landscape and the best Pest Control Strategies to Take!!” 
This is the Reason I Created “The Ultimate Garden Pests Control Blueprint”. Course
Over the Years, I have discovered that the Same Types of Garden Pests were involved in all the areas I worked and lived in: In Africa, Europe and USA (Mainland USA, Hawaii). 
“Garden Pests Are Equal Opportunity Offenders”!!......
They don’t discriminate between Tropical or Temperate Climate, Backyard Gardener or even Commercial Gardener”!!!!!
This course, enables you to identify and Control Over 20 Common Garden Pests including the different types of Fruit flies, the Dreaded Chinese Rose beetles as well as the infamous Garden Caterpillars.  
This Course is for You If…….
  • You Wish to Learn how to identify Common Garden Pests of vegetables, fruits and flowers, landscape pests and their damage symptoms
  • You Would Like to know The Organic Strategies for Controlling Garden Pests
  • You Would Like to Have a Garden that is Clean, Manageable, Thriving, Fruitful and a Joy to work in.
  • You Would Like to Stop Asking Yourself this question over and over again: What Pest Is That??
  • You wish to be able to Identify the Beneficial Insects from the bad Insects
  •  You would like to know How to Use Beneficial Insects in order to Minimize chemical/Pesticides use
  •  Would like to know the Insects Pests Controlled by these “Beneficial’s or Good Bugs”
  • Would Like to Learn the Gardening Techniques that will Enhance the Beneficial Insects Presence in the Environment.  
  •   You Wish to Create a Garden You Can be proud of and one that provides safe food for you and your family 
  • You Would Like to Know Proven Strategies for Growing Food in harmony with nature.

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How would you feel if you were suddenly able to take control of your garden pests, finally grow the food you desired or take care of your landscape more Easily, Safely and with less Stress?
Start making stunning changes to your garden with these gardening tutorials
 Here's a breakdown of the entire Course
Module 1
This module is all about “Knowing Thy Enemy”. Knowing the types of pests, you have in your garden is a really important step in your overall pests control strategy. This session helps you identify the type of pests causing damage based on the factors and evidence explained in the module.
Module 2
This Module is all about the “Good Bugs: Beneficial Insects”. What I call the "Gardener’s “Foot Soldiers”. It’s a list of wonderful good bugs working for you, taking out and controlling the bad bugs such as aphids, mealybugs and others and reducing the need for you to use chemicals. 
Module 3
In this module we get more specific on individual pests that you will see in your garden 95% of the time! You will learn how everything in the previous two modules ties in. These are the pests I call “Repeat offenders”! No matter where you are, chances are that you have probably seen these pests!!

Module 3b-Additional Bonus 
Here’s where you discover the “other piercing and sucking insects”. This module is a continuation of Module 3 above with an extra 7 video tutorials covering really important pests which are sometimes overlooked in the garden. Some of these pests causes abnormal growths and can be distressing to the home gardener. 
Module 4
Here’s where you discover one of the pests responsible for affecting over 250 plant species. It’s the one pest that I get a lot of questions about. This module is about pests whose damage is often caused either by the adult, the larval stage or both. This Module has 7 Video Tutorials
Module 5- Organic Garden Pests Control Strategies
If, garden pests deterred you from growing food organically, this module will help you use an integrated approach for pests control. Garden pests pose challenges to gardeners who wants to grow food safely without harmful chemicals. The effective techniques and strategies in this module gives you options to control your garden pests using both organic and environmentally sustainable means.  
 Additional Bonus- Organic Gardening Techniques Seminar
For Early Bird Purchases!!. Limited time bonus...

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What Others Are Saying About Anne's Training
Tom Feltz, Leadership Coach, Author and Senior Trainer for Franklin Covey Institute
Anne Gachuhi’s vast knowledge and experience of horticulture is exceptional. After attending a 5 weeks’ landscape maintenance course that Anne was teaching at University of Hawaii Community College, I was inspired to learn more,  realizing that my instructor Anne,  had so much more to offer. The interconnected relationships of the plants together with the good, bad and ugly bugs came to life through this program. I highly recommend Anne. 
Michelle Griffoul.
President, Michelle Griffoul Studios, Inc.
I found Anne Gachuhi to be a wealth of excellent knowledge, very helpful and enthusiastic about gardening when I enrolled in a 5 weeks Tropical Fruit Production class that Anne conducted at the UHMC (University of Hawaii, Maui College). The success of her students was of utmost importance to her and she was extremely helpful in problem solving. Ms. Gachuhi was inspirational in making me feel that my orchard can be a success, with a lot of work and knowledge that I learned in her class. I will definitely sign up for another of her classes 
I Have a Question for You….??
  •  Would You Like to Get the Same Results for Yourself, You Landscape and with Your Pests Problems? 
  •   Imagine the Moment You Step in the Path of your Ideal Garden….. 
  •   You Are Finally On Your Way to Taking Control of Your Garden, Free of the Pests that Have Blocked Your Efforts… 
  •   At long last you can feel happy, knowing that you can control your environment, enjoy your passion for gardening and the fruits of your labor…. 
  •   Imagine when the pests burden is lifted and you are the envy of your family and neighborhood! 
  •   Instead of being afraid of stepping into your garden because you felt helpless, you can now confidently walk into your garden, knowing exactly what to do!! 
  •  Your self confidence in your gardening will improve daily…. 
  •   Finally, you can Identify and Control Your Garden Pests Using Sustainable Methods! 
  •   This is Your New Gardening Path and Reality…A Path That is Proven to Work and its  Time to Claim It Now!! 
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  •  The Organic Gardening Techniques Seminar about 50 Minutes of Pure Content 
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Once you are able to control the garden pests using the Ultimate Garden Pests Control Blueprint, the next step is to start growing your food using organic strategies. This session helps you get started on your journey. 
Why is the Price So Low for Such a Comprehensive Course You Ask…?
  •  I did not want any Gardener to be left behind and I wanted to give everyone this opportunity to start afresh with their garden- without the frustrations of garden pests
  • I have known a lot of gardeners in my community and wanted to give this course as a Thank You gift to them ..but ONLY for a limited time… 
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The Course Consists of: 
• 26 Video Tutorials
• 4 Audio Sessions
• 2 Introductory Videos
• 1 Bonus Video (50 minutes long)
• Handouts/pdfs
The entire course is online – NO Waiting…You can view it anytime, anywhere and as many times as you want!. 

Get the Blueprint For Only $77!
P.S. To Recap, This is What You Are Going to Get.
Still Have Some Questions You Want Answered??
  • Question: I live in a Temperate Climate. Can your program still help me control the garden pests found where I live?
  • Answer: Absolutely! I have found that Garden Pests are the same no matter where you live: under tropical climate (like in Hawaii, Africa, South America) or under Temperate climate (Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, UK or even Holland).  The Same Aphids, Mealybugs, Caterpillars and other pests still appear there and the process of controlling them is the same.
  • Question: Do I need to have any technical skills or be an advanced gardener to use the course?
  • Answer: No. The course is great for both beginners and advanced gardeners. For beginners, they have a chance to start their garden the right way. For advanced gardeners who have been struggling with garden pests for a long time, the knowledge they gain here will enhance what you already know for better results. 
  • Question: When does the course begin?
  • Answer:The course is completely online. All you need is an internet connection and you can view it anytime and from anywhere. Once your payment goes through and you have clicked on the link provided in the welcome email, you can start using the course immediately. 
  • Question:What if I have questions regarding the course?
  • Answer: You can ask any questions you may have in the member’s area of the website or on the contact below.
  • Tel. 1-800-431-4982
    Email: [email protected]
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