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Effect Of Poorly Pruned Trees
What To Avoid When Pruning Trees
Check out this video to learn what to avoid when pruning trees.  

How To Properly Prune Trees
 How to properly prune trees is really critical especially when you consider that trees are a very important component of your landscape.

In this video, learn what to avoid when pruning trees and how a poorly pruned tree will cost you more in the long run.
Click on the link below to learn smart pruning strategies 
Understanding Native Plants
Learn The Differences Between Native, Endemic, Indigenous and Introduced Plants
Take A listen to my weekly Radio show (88.5 FM) to learn why planting native plants is really important especially in a fragile ecosystem such as Hawaii. 

What Are Native Plants?
 Hawaiian Native plants are those plants which came to the Hawaiian Islands  by natural means such as: 
•  Wind - jet stream air currents 
•  Wing - on or in birds 
•  Wave - by floating to the islands carried  by ocean currents   

 Native Plants are those plants that are indigenous to a particular region, and have adapted to the geography and climate of that particular region and providing for the habitat of that region.   
Tips On Successful Fall Gardening 
Tips For A Successful Fall Garden-Part 1
In these videos, you will learn tips to help you  succeed in your fall gardening.  

Learn the gardening  tips and strategies that will have a multiplier effect towards your gardening success when implemented on a consistent basis 
Tips For A Successful Fall Garden -Part 2
Tips On Fertilizer Use -How To Keep Your Garden Flourishing
Are you applying adequate fertilizers to your landscape?
What types of fertilizers are you using? 
Are you applying the right type of fertilizers based on your soil conditions?

In this video, you will learn about the different types of fertilizers and how to use them in your landscape. You will also get to learn the  right types of fertilizers to use under different soil situations including when you have alkaline soils or acidic soils. You will understand why applying organic matter and compost in your landscape is the best thing you can ever do for the long term benefit of your soils and garden. 
Steps In Controlling Garden Pests  
Would you like to learn how to control your garden pests?  

Watch this free video below to learn the damage caused by these common garden pests on your  plants and some strategies you can use for  controlling  them. 
The Benefits Of Soil Solarization In An Organic Garden
Have you ever wondered how to keep your garden soil clean season after gardening season without using chemicals?  

Now you can!.. In this video, you will learn about The Benefits of Soil Solarization In An Organic Garden. Soil Solarization is a process of trapping and concentrating the sun’s energy (heat)  by covering the top 12 to 18 inches of garden soil using a clear plastic tarp for a period of 8 to 12 weeks or longer. 
Creating Food Forests In A Permaculture Garden
P.S. Wait for A few Seconds before the Video becomes Clear!
in This Session, You Will Learn About:
1. An Example of Permaculture Design Principles at work
2.How To Create Food Forests
3. importance of Plant Diversity
4. Inter-relationships between plants and beneficial animals
5. Examples of plant placement and the role of each plant in the overall permaculture design
6. An Agro-forestry model garden
7. Use of nitrogen fixing plants like pigeon peas

5 Simple Steps To A Successful Lawn
Listen In To A Radio Interview On Lawn Care Strategies 
(FM 88.5)
Maintaining a lawn can be a lot of work. This session discusses the Five (5) Simple Steps to a healthy lawn:
1. Decide on the types of turf or lawn grasses to grow
2. How to improve your soils and lawn fertilization
3. Proper watering strategies for a lawn
4. Proper mowing practices for a lawn
5. What is Thatch and how to control it. 

Healthy Soils-Healthy Plants
The Foundation of Organic Gardening Is The Soils
Healthy Soils-Healthy Plants takes you through some strategies on how you can improve your soil fertility. Soil health is plant health. Increase use of soil organic matter to improve your soils.
Soil Tests- It’s important to know the state of your soils (pH and nutrient content).

Test your soils every 3-4 years. See information on soil testing below
How To Control Fruit Flies
Step 1- Controlling Fruit Flies Using Pheromone Traps
Step 2-  Major Types of Fruit Flies and Their Control
Step 3- Strategies For Controlling Fruit Flies 
Step 4 - Strategies For Controlling Fruit Flies 
Major Types of  Fruit Flies And Their Control
In This Video, You Will Learn About:
  • There are 4 Types of Fruit Flies that causes tremendous damage both in food loses and financially 
  • These Fruit Flies Include: Oriental Fruit Fly , Melon Fly, Mediterranean Fruit fly – Also known as Solanaceous Fruit Fly- affects fruits  and Malaysian Fruit Fly  
  •  Oriental Fruit Fly considered a major pest of fruits such as: Mangoes, Guava, Peaches, Papaya, Citrus, Carambola-starfruit , breadfruit, figs, bananas, apples and many other fruits 
  • Melon Fly – affects a lot of plants in the cucurbits family e.g bittermelons, squash, pumpkins, guards, cucumber, pumpkins, zucchini ,  Guava, Egg plants, pepper, papaya, green beans, tomato.  
  •  Mediterranean Fruit Fly – affects coffee, citrus, loquats, guava, papaya, peaches, persimmons, figs, mangoes, avocadoes, lychee and other fruits  
  • • Malaysian Fruit Fly – Chili pepper, cucumbers, eggplants, pohia and tomatoes
  • These fruit flies can be controlled using 3 strategies namely:  
  • 1. Field Sanitation
  • 2. Trapping Using Pheromone Male Lures
  • 3. Protein Baits – A Product called GF-120

Fruit Flies are controlled using the following lures:

1. Oriental Fruit Flies-Methyl eugenol

2. Melon Fly- Cure Lures.

How To Control Two Major Tomato Diseases
In This Video, You Will Learn About:
  • The Two Major Tomato Diseases-and their symptoms
  • The Early Blight of Tomato disease 
  • Late Blight of Tomato Disease 
  • The conditions necessary for these Tomato diseases To occur and the fungus involved
  • How To Control the tomato diseases including: use of resistant varieties, rotation, field sanitation, weed control, adequate nutrition and watering as well as use of fungicides.  
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Smart Pruning Strategies For The Home Landscape
How To Prune Palm Trees
Proper Pruning of Landscape Plants
In These Videos, You Will Learn:
  •  Pruning Palm Trees
  •  When To Prune Palm Trees
  • Why you should avoid over-trimming palm Trees
  • What equipments should not be used in pruning palm trees .
  • How to keep pruning equipments safe when moving from one palm tree to another. 
  • Pruning Landscape Plants including Fruit Trees
  • What needs to be Pruned, How To Prune and When To Prune
  • Strategies For Pruning Tropical Fruit Trees Such As: Citrus, Mangoes, Avocadoes, Bananas and Papayas
  • How To Prune Large Branches
  • Why selective thinning is a better procedure to use when pruning rather than heading back.  

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How To Control Chinese Rose Beetles
In This Video, You Will Learn About:
  • Chinese Rose Beetles, Their Damage Symptoms 
  • Plants Affected and How to Control Them
  • Chinese Rose Beetles is one of the most devastating pests in the landscape, affecting over 250 plant species. These includes ornamentals, vegetables, shrubs and trees. 
  • Controlling Chinese Rose beetles can be often difficult but if you know what to look for, the job becomes abit easier. 
  • Learn simple strategies for controlling this "pesky pest". 

How To Control Mealybugs 
How To Control Mealybugs -Part 1
How To Control Mealybugs -Part 2
Controlling Mealybugs Summary

  •  Monitor your garden –inspect your plants. Look for pests above the leaves and below the leaves.
  •  Prune off heavily Infested plant parts
  • Wash off your plants with a strong water hose each week to reduce the pests infestations
  • Use Insecticidal soaps, Neem Oil or Horticultural Oils if you need something abit stronger.
  •  Where possible, Use Resistant Plant Varieties
  • Grow herbs that attracts beneficial insects and Keep the plants healthy
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Growing High Quality Hydroponic Lettuce
Ten Simple Steps To Starting A Vegetable Garden
In this Video, You Will Learn 
  • Growing Lettuce Using Hydroponics
  • What It takes To Grow High Quality Hydroponic Lettuce
  • A field Example Of A Large Scale Hydroponic Lettuce Growing Operation
  • How You Can Get More Output using hydroponics compared to conventional gardening. 
In this Video, You Will Learn 
  •  The simple steps you can take to start your very own vegetable garden
  • The right plants to grow in your area to ensure success
  •  The soil media mix to use in your raised bed
  • Organic soil amendments and fertilizers to use
Using Natural Pests Control Options
In This Session, You Will Learn About:
  • Using Natural Pests Control Options
  • Some Simple Steps You Can Take
Click On the Image Above To Access The Course 
  •   Organic management of insect pests is based on avoiding a pest outbreak- less on dealing with the pest after it has acquired a foothold
  •  The use of pesticides is always a concern due to their effect on the environment: to birds, fish, bees, pets and humans and should only be used as a last resort. 
  •  Know the garden pests and differentiate from beneficial insects. 
  •  Monitor and Survey your garden for some of the more common pests such as : Aphids, Mealybugs, Thrips, Whiteflies, Caterpillars, Spidermites, ....
  •  Create inviting habitats for these natural enemies/beneficial insects by planting herbs and other flowering plants which provide these natural enemies with the pollen and nectar that they need. 
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